Having success with Methylation

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Last June 2012 I had my remaining two amalgams removed safely by Dr. Dressler DMD, IAOMT in Atlanta, GA. Since then my "mercury" symptoms have increased significantly. Even though the removal was "safe" it seems any time I've had a change in the number of amalgams in my mouth I've suffered an increase in mercury symptoms. About 3 weeks ago I revisted phoenixrising.me, probably the best CFS website for the last few years and the web home for Dr. Rich Van Konynenburg PHD and CFS researcher. Rich had postulated that many of the CFS symptoms were due to inhibited methylation. Something Mercury can do very effectively. I had tried methylation supps about 7 years ago, felt very sick after a few days and that was it. I did not follow the guidelines and was hoping for a quick fix. This time I followed the protocol and took 1/4 of 800mcg Hydroxycobalabmin, 1/4 800mcg folinic acid and 1/4 800mg 5L-Methyltetrahydrofolate or 5LMTHF. The first day I felt great, the second day as well. Good enough to know this stuff was doing something very important. By day three I was feeling back to my old CFS normal, day 4 I had to stop the protocol. I was feeling pretty bad. I tried the protocol again this time with 1/4 800mcg Methylcobalamin, 1/4 800mcg Dibencozide and 1/4 5LMTHF. Again the first 2 days were great. And how awesome that this was repeatable. How many times have I taken something and gotten a seemingly good result only to not have it happen again. There is something to this stuff and well worth looking into for anyone suffering from CFS and especially if you have a history of Mercury exposure like myself. I continue to attempt until I get it right. I will try again at lower dosages of the B12 and Folate.

Diet Attempt Number 2: Paleo

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This book is nothing short of amazing. You want to be in the best shape of your life and stay that way forever. Want to be turning cartwheels at 80? Want to easily live past 100? Want to severely reduce your risk for cancer and heart disease. Would like to virtually eliminate your risk for diabetes or reverse it if you already have it?

The root of the problem with the SAD (Standard American Diet) is the hormone Leptin. Leptin is a hormone recently discovered which somes from stored fat in our bodies. When enough fat is present the level of Leptin is high enough to signal the brain to stop eating. Basically you stop being hungry when the level is high enough. The problem is that the glucose based SAD creates leptin resistance. Similar to insulin resistance in type 2 Diabetes when there is plenty of the hormone in the system but the receptors are tuned out

Leptin and Insulin are sister hormones and the most and second most important hormones in your body. The SAD is unhealthy as it causes frequent, huge insulin dumps from the pancreas in response to the glucose spikes from eating a glucose based diet. A mere 1% of the pancreas is devoted to insulin production the rest has other important things to do. The problem with the SAD is that we are always stimulating the pancreas to produce insulin by constant serum glucose spikes.After years of abuse the body becomes insulin resistant to protect itself from the constant onslaught

The key to health and weight loss is restoring Leptin sensitivity. We can do this by abandoning the SAD and adopting a high (healthy) fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrate diet, ala Paleo. Eating the Paleo way gives the pancreas a huge break from insulin production. On a strict Paleo diet you will have little or no glucose spikes. The body goes into a state of ketosis. Your body have two options for metabolism: Glucose or Ketones. Nora shows us that ketone metabolism is what our bodies are meant for and much healthier than burning glucose. Newborn babies are in ketosis. If you fast for at least ten days your body will return to a state of ketosis.

For the month I've been on Paleo I have lost 10 pounds of fat. I am 48 years old, 6 foot tall and 173 pounds, muscular and lean. My physical, mental and emotional states have improved tremendously. I am still dealing with fatigue but working on that with supplements. I weight train in a gym 5 days a week.

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New Supplement Strategy is working well

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I started trying to address my mental mostly and ended up coming close to 80-90% feeling better. Still dealing with some fatigue but I am much much better. My daily consumption is:

First thing in AM on empty stomach:
For Serotonin: Tryptophan tablet (mine contains B6 which I recommend), maybe 25m P5P, 50mg Niacin (Niacinimide is probably ok) and zinc.

For Blood Sugar with food: Chromium GTF (100mcg, half capsule) and R-Lipoic Acid (50mg half cap)

For Dopamine and Norepinephrine
Fish oil capsule, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Ox bile (to help digest all this oil)


Other additions: I just started adding some thing to see if they help:
Mineral support is great, I've recently added: Manganese, Selenium (100mcg), Boron (helps vit D absorption) Magnesium, Calcium

Also trying Acetyl-L Carnitine for energy. It's supposed to be synergistic with the R-Lipoic Acid for controlling insulin.

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Tryptophan/Serotonin Strategy

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I came across an article about Tryptophan conversion to Serotonin recently. I have read several and know the body will burn Tryptophan to make vitamin B3 at a rate of 60 units of Tryptophan to produce 1 unit of B3. To say the least it is important to make sure you take your B3. The article mentioned that only the proper form of B3 or Nicotinic Acid could keep your body from diverting Tryptophan to B3. I have yet to read this anywhere else. I do know that Nicotinic Acid does have cholesterol modifying effects that niacinamide doesn't have.

Also known is that vitamin B6 is a factor in the conversion of Tryptophan to Serotonin. So take your B6 also and you should be loaded with Serotonin and feel great right? Maybe if you body can convert the B6 into the active p5p. Luckily you can buy p5p and take that directly. If you have a lack of dream recall you probably are low in B6.

What about Stress?

Cortisol, the stress hormone, does the following: 1. Significantly decreases the number of Serotonin receptors, 2. Increases Serotonin Uptake, 3. Supreses Serotonin Receptors and 4. Increases the enzyme that diverts Tryptophan conversion away from Serotonin. As you can see Cortisol drastically works against your Serotonin producing mechanisms.

How about 5HTP? When Tryptophan was controversially banned another product came to the market. 5HTP is what your body makes from Tryptophan so taking 5HTP directly should boost serotonin and I don't have to worry about B3, B6 and Tryptophan right? The problem with 5HTP is that much or even most of it might be converted to Serotonin in the gut. Serotonin cannot cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) but Tryptophan can. Studies, however, have shown that 5HTP does help lessen depression so we might assume that something is happening with 5HTP.

For Tryptophan to be effective it needs to cross the BBB. The problem is that there are 5 other amino acids that can also cross the BBB. Think of the BBB as a sort of low flow filter and only so much can cross at any given time. These other Amino Acids will compete with Tryptophan to cross the BBB. So you definitely don't want to take your Tryptophan with these other Aminos or protein in general. A well known trick is to consume a sweet or high carb snack which will cause an insulin release to the bloodstream. Insulin is supposed to clear out all the competing amino acids leaving just Tryptophan which then has no competition for crossing the BBB.

So here's my morning routine...About 25mg of B3 along with 1/2 capsule of the B-Complex marketed as "B-Right"...About 15-20 minutes later I take 500mg Tryptophan with 50mg p5p and 1/5 to 1/4 Sobe Energy Drink. This has definitely improved my mood substantially. My anxiety level is way way down and I am much calmer.

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Improving my mood

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I tried Holy Basil which is supposed to be very good for uplifting one's mood. There is a lot of good anecdotal reports for this. The first day I tried I did feel much better. Subsequent days weren't so good as I think the Holy Basil was reducing my already reduced cortisol.

Next up is Chromium GTF. I bought some over a year ago and have had to take very small amounts as I've gotten some strange reactions to it. I initially bought it to cover my bases for that mineral. I also read it helps regulate insulin/sugar so I was taking it when I had sweets at times. About 25 mcg but sometimes would get dry mouth at night and other symptom which kept it at arms length for me.

Recently I read Chromium was a natural treatment for Atypical Depression. This is the type where the person is generally depressed unless there is some type of special event where the depressed individual can enjoy themselves for a time. When the even is over the depression once again returns. Atypical antidepressants like Wellbutrin, Mirtazapine, Nardil and Parnate can be helpful for this type of depression. I have taken Wellbutrin in the past with some positive results.

I started the Chromium taking 100mcg at night. The next morning was awful, my depression symptoms were much worse. I took again the second night about 2:30 pm. The following morning even worse than the first. I decided to start taking in the morning to keep as far away from sleep as I could. Has a much better experience the next couple of nights. The mornings got better and better. After about a week I am feeling pretty good. The last two days I've taken 200mcg in the morning.

Chromium is said to "decrease sensitivity" at receptor 5HT2A which I believe makes it a weak antagonist. For those who have atypical depression the SSRI class of antidepressants don't work or even make the patient much worse. The idea is that the 5HT receptors might already be getting hammered as part of the atypical depression. Adding an SSRI is then adding fuel to the fire. What is needed is something to antagonize the 5HT receptors. Chromium's success as a natural antidepressant may be due to it's action at 5HT2A and/or it's ability to regulate insulin.

I plan to add low dose Prozac (2.5-5mg). At such a small dose I've read that Prozac will act mostly as a 5HT2C antagonist. So together with the Chromium I will be antagonizing 5HT2A and 5HT2C.

Note: What I write is speculative and for information only. Please consult with your health care professional before you attempt anything written here.

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